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Frequent Asked Questions


How to install games or applications onto Palm devices?

First, download our applications from products page into ZIP file format, and then decompress the ZIP file.

Once you've .PRC and .PDB files from the ZIP file, use Palm Desktop Software that comes with Palm device to install those files onto your Palm.

Click on "Install" button on the left bottom of Palm Desktop Software shown above to launch Palm Install Tool to install applications to Palm device.

Once Palm Install Tool launched as above, click on "Add..." button to browse through your drives for .PRC and .PDB that you wish to install. Click on "Done" while finished. You may hotsync the selected files onto your Palm now.

How to enter registration code?

Launch game or application, then tap on 'Menu' silk button and select 'Register' from pull-down menu. Enter your registration code that mailed to you into the field box and press OK when done.

How to disable game sounds?

Launch game then tap on 'Menu' silk button and select 'Preferences' from pull-down menu. You may change sounds status in the Preferences form.

How to remove games or applications from Palm devices?

Return to Launcher by tapping on 'Home' silk button (button above 'Menu' silk button). Tap on 'Menu' silk button while on Launcher, then select 'Delete...' from pull-down menu and select the desired application to remove.