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ButtonSwitcherPro 1.10
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  • ButtonSwitcherPro
  • 1.10
  • Palm >> Utility
  • PalmOS 5.0 or above
  • 06 Apr 2004
  • 14 days
  • USD $14.95
  • App Size=115KB   Download Size=44KB

ButtonSwitcherPro is an utility to let you launch 24 favorite applications quickly and easily by hardware buttons and calculator silk button. You may assigned maximum 4 different applications to a single button for short tapping, and these 4 applications will be cycled each time you tap the button, or there 4 applications can be shown up for selection. And one application can be assigned to each single button for long pressing (>= 1 second pressing time).

The most amazing benefit of ButtonSwitcherPro is NO HACK required.


  • Allow up to 4 applications to be assigned to each hardware button and calculator silk button.
  • Able to launch applications on expansion card.
  • A single button short tap to scroll through the applications that assigned to it.
  • A single button long press to launch desired application easily.
  • Allow to assigned each set of buttons into multiple profiles.
  • Able to set cycle idle timeout for hardware button cycling applications process.
  • Able to show list of assigned applications for selection.
  • Supports black white and color devices.
  • No Hack required.
ButtonSwitcherPro runs on PalmOS 5.x only, if you like functions of ButtonSwitcherPro to operate on other PalmOS version, please refer to the following ButtonSwitcher Series table below.

ButtonSwitcher Series Comparison
Features ButtonSwitcher ButtonSwitcher+ ButtonSwitcherPro
Operating System  PalmOS 3.x & 4.x  PalmOS 4.x  PalmOS 5.x
Expansion Card  -  Yes  Yes
Auto disable while uninstallation  -  Yes  Yes
No SysTrap (High Performance)  -  -  Yes
High Resolution  -  -  Yes
Able to show applications for selection  -  -  Yes
Number of applications mapped  20  20  24
Price  USD 9.50  USD 12.50  USD 14.95

Existing ButtonSwitcher/ButtonSwitcher+ user can be upgraded to ButtonSwitcherPro for only USD 5.00 at our Hiratte Web Store.