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Advanced AutoLock 1.0
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  • Advanced AutoLock
  • 1.0
  • Blackberry Smartphone >> Utility
  • BlackBerry OS 4.5 or above
  • 02 Jun 2010
  • USD $3.99
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*** Please be noted that Advanced AutoLock currently does not support OS 5.0 ***

Advanced AutoLock locks your keyboard automatically in custom defined timeout in seconds. It prevents accidental key press activities while your BlackBerry device in your pocket or bag.

Advanced AutoLock starts itself automatically everytime after your device started.

1) Hassle free setup ~ Just install and Advanced AutoLock will run automatically, NO setting needed to be changed in "Options".
2) Save battery usage ~ No background activities during key locked.
3) Flexible locking ~ You are able to disable auto key locking during holstering or USB connecting/charging.
4) Smart locking ~ You are able to disable auto key locking with selected applications in used on foreground (On Screen). Such as Camera, Video Camera, etc.
5) Auto run ~ Advanced AutoLock will start automatically everytime after reset.
6) Save memory usage ~ Advanced AutoLock will not run in background if the "AutoLock" function is DISABLED.
7) Standalone locking mechanism ~ Advanced AutoLock locks key by custom defined timeout, it does not work depends on backlight off. So you do not need to change your backlight timeout setting in order to adjust the key locking timeout.