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Teen Annoying Sounds 1.1.0
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  • Teen Annoying Sounds
  • 1.1.0
  • iPhone & iPod Touch >> Entertainment
  • iOS 2.1 or above
  • 19 Aug 2010
  • USD $0.99
  • App Size=26.4MB   Download Size=26.4MB

Do you need something to making fun of your teen?
Do you want to tease some youngers?

Teen Annoying Sounds generates high pitch irritated sounds that can be heard by teenagers only. When humans get older, they have trouble hearing the high pitched sounds and their detection range diminishes [Only a few lucky adults still able to hear high pitched sounds].

You may also use Teen Annoying Sounds to test your hearing age.

Scientific Information:
Humans can generally hear sounds with frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (the audio range or hearing range) although this range varies significantly with age, occupational hearing damage, and gender. The majority of people can no longer hear 20,000 Hz by the time they are teenagers, and progressively lose the ability to hear higher frequencies as they get older.

- 14 sound frequencies in total.
- 5 different sound effects for each sound frequency - Flat, Pulse, Radio, Scary, Twisted.
- Show suggested age range for each sound frequency.
- Selection to play with background music or in sleep mode.
- Easy to use one page only selection.

Teen Annoying Sounds requires built-in or external speaker. iPod Touch 1st Gen must use external speaker as it does not have built-in speaker.

Notice: Use at your own risk. Hiratte Software Solution is not responsible for any human rights violation usage, and any other impacts.