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SaveBackup 2.0
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  • SaveBackup
  • 2.0
  • Palm >> Utility
  • PalmOS 4.0 or above with expansion card support
  • 17 Oct 2005
  • 14 days
  • USD $14.95
  • App Size=173KB   Download Size=210KB

SaveBackup is a safety and powerful backup solution that backup your data from internal handheld memory to external expansion card. SaveBackup helps you to save latest copy of your data onto SecureDigital Card, MultiMedia Card, or Memory Stick that support Virtual File System (VFS), in the event of accidental data loss, hard-reset, system crash, battery failure, etc. With SaveBackup, you may backup and restore your data anytime anywhere without waiting for the HotSync or modem access.


  • Supports multiple backup sets with selective or all files on handheld memory to be backup.
  • Able to restore all and selected files only from backup set.
  • A log of operations recorded for latest backup or restore event.
  • Able to backup your files automatically on specified time by hourly, daily or weekly.
  • Able to backup your files automatically each time you turn off your Palm.
  • Able to choose card for backup location.
  • 2 type of encryption algorithms to protect your backup information, XOR and TEA (Tiny Encryption Algorithm) encryption with password protection.
  • Supports Palm Tungsten 5 & E2 & TX, Zire 22, Treo 650, LifeDrive and any PalmOS >= 4.0 with VFS enabled.
  • Supports black white and color devices.
Please uninstall previous version before installing new version, and previous backup sets cannot be used anymore because version 2.0 implements new backup engine.

Rated at BrotherSoft.