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CleanData 1.04
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  • CleanData
  • 1.04
  • Palm >> Utility
  • PalmOS 3.0 or above
  • 14 Apr 2006
  • 14 days
  • USD $12.95
  • App Size=165KB   Download Size=123KB

CleanData is a powerful utility that allow you to remove orphaned/leftovered databases and saved or unsaved preferences on your device memory. Orphaned/Leftovered databases and preferences are items that do not associate with any application on your device memory or card.

CleanData is a companion application to CleanUninstaller. You may use CleanData to remove leftovered databases and preferences, and use CleanUninstaller to monitor and uninstall newly installed applications completely from your device.


  • Able to backup and restore original processed databases or preferences.
  • Able to search for owner of leftovered database and preference on memory and any directory of expansion card.
  • Able to assign owner of leftovered database and preference, so that it will be deleted when uninstalling the owner application by CleanUninstaller.
  • Supports 5way Navigator and Treo Rocker.
  • Supports Palm Tungsten 5, Treo 650 and LifeDrive.
  • Supports HiRes and HiRes+ (320x480) resolution (Palm Tungsten 3/5, Sony Clie NX/NZ/UX).
  • Supports black white and color devices.
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